Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete is a premium process where a concrete floor is initially ground back to show stone exposure within a concrete floor, thereafter it is then polished using different grits of both diamond grinding shoes and polishing pads, resulting in an even stone exposed concrete floor.

The finishes on a Polished Concrete floor vary depending on the concrete mix and also due to the number of passes that a concrete grinder makes over the floor, which can result up to 17 times with various diamonds and pads. This means that the process is not only time consuming, but also more expensive compared to a Grind and Seal and Epoxy flooring option.

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  • difference between a Polished Concrete and Grind and Seal Floor?


    A Grind and Seal floor is when a floor is ground down and then sealed with either a high gloss or matte topcoat which can vary depending on the finish required, whereas a

    Polished Concrete floor is worked on for a longer period of time, starting with the grinding, then uses various polishing pads incorporated by densifiers, which harden the concrete floor as it is polished.

  • Why choose a Polished Concrete floor as opposed to a Grind and Seal?


    A Polished Concrete floor generally comes out looking “Polished” and perfect, as it will not have grind marks and blemishes on the floor like a Grind and Seal, as it's worked on intensively to take out all imperfections from the concrete, therefore makes the stones a feature.

    The finished outcome is a beautiful floor that has stone exposure with a glossy sheen.

  • What floor areas are ideal for Polished Concrete floors?


    A Polished Concrete floor is the ideal solution for the inside of a Premium Home, Showroom, Office, or anywhere that requires a Premium Floor Finish.

  • Can I install a Polished Concrete floor on my Garage or Warehouse floor?


    Many do install Polished Concrete and Grind and Seal floors on both Garages and Warehouses and they look great initially, however we don’t recommend it as:


    • Polished Concrete and Grind and Seal floors are not resistant to hot Tyre marks therefore the floor can mark quite easily, and over time will wear down on Vehicle trafficable areas, whereas Epoxy Coatings are heavier duty as a thicker coating is applied to the concrete.
    • Most Garage and Warehouse floors are also quite heavily damaged during construction, mainly as builders and trades use these areas to store materials and sometimes work in, therefore they end up getting damaged with holes, saw cuts, large cracks and other blemishes. These areas can be filled with concrete, grout and other cementitious materials, however after either a Grind and Seal or Polished process, the damaged areas will stand out and the floor will not be as visually appealing or as strong.


      This is why we always recommend an Epoxy or Epoxy Flake solution instead for Garages and Warehouse floors, as all these areas get covered up so that they wont stand out!

  • Can I choose what colour the floor finish will be on my Polished Concrete floor?


    Unlike an Epoxy or Epoxy Flake Floor, Polished Concrete floors uncover the stone underneath, therefore it is up to whomever is pouring the concrete to make sure the colour mixture and stones are to the colours you require.

    Please discuss this with your Architect, Concreter and builder before engaging in polished work, as we cannot guarantee the finished colour outcome of the floor.

  • How much is a Polished concrete floor?


    As there are many processes involved with the Polishing process our Polished concrete floors starts from $120 a SQM upwards depending on the results required.

    Please enquire with us for more information or to discuss further.


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