Melbournes Premium Epoxy flooring Specialists

London Linings specialises in the preparation and application of all types of residential, commercial and industrial Epoxy floor coatings in Melbourne.
Our Epoxy floors are hard-wearing, non-slip resin floor coatings that are functional, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Unlike other companies whom are geographically located our team works remotely across all Melbourne suburbs.

  • Residential garages and interiors

  • Commercial and industrial floors

  • Basement and commercial garages

  • Retail and hospitality establishments

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Epoxy floor coatings Melbourne

London Linings provides a full range of Epoxy flooring services to commercial and residential clients across Victoria

London Linings are Melbourne-based qualified applicators that specialise in installing decorative Epoxy flake flooring within the residential and commercial markets.

Our industrial-grade Epoxy flake flooring can be applied to a range of flooring surfaces, including concrete and tiles, within a variety of facilities including garages, commercial spaces, and industrial sites.

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Our comprehensive process begins with diamond grinding of your existing surface which sets us up for a flawless and durable finish.

Epoxy flooring solutions

Commercial Epoxy flooring

  • Basement garages

    Strong, and beautiful Epoxy flooring that’s built to last.

  • Commercial kitchens & hospitality

    An anti-slip and hygienic solution that’s easy to clean and maintain.

  • Mechanical workshops

    Heavy-duty Epoxy floor coatings that are oil and fuel resistant.

  • Warehouses

    Cost-effective and hard-wearing surfaces for warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Domestic Epoxy flooring

  • Garages

    Long-lasting garage floors resistant to peeling, corrosion and discolouration.

  • Verandahs and patios

    Highly resistant to the outdoor elements as well as regular wear and tear.

  • Interiors

    A cost-effective way to modernise your home

  • Resurface tiles

    Our Epoxy flake system is a modern and cost-effective solution to modernise dated and stained ceramic tiles.

Durable & cost effective non-slip Epoxy floors in Melbourne

London Linings’ advanced, multi-layered technique is designed to optimise results in your residential, commercial, or industrial setting.

Our five-step system (with the optional additional topcoat) ensures a flawless base and a meticulous application process. The final result is a floor that not only looks fantastic, but is also resilient, long-lasting, and protective.

LL Epoxy Flake Process AAB

Benefits of Epoxy flake flooring

  • Versatile

    Our Epoxy coating and flooring solutions are extremely durable and offer an extensive range of benefits for both commercial and domestic applications.

  • Durable

    From foot traffic and temperature changes to machinery and vehicles, Epoxy flooring is resistant to peeling, corrosion, general wear and tear, and chemical and environmental degradation.

  • Long-lasting and low maintenance

    Epoxy flooring requires nothing more than a standard clean; your original floor surface is protected from chemicals, dirt, and other contaminants, and it removes the need for costly repainting or other maintenance.

  • Non-slip, non abrasive

    With its water resistant surface, Epoxy flake flooring improves safety and productivity in high-traffic areas, reducing the risk of slips, falls, and other accidents.

  • Highly resistant

    Strong and hard, Epoxy flooring offers superior insulation and resistance from different factors, including extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and physical weight.

  • Cost-effective

    Compared to more traditional flooring, Epoxy coating is a highly economical solution to not only create a strong and resilient barrier but also add aesthetic value to your space.

  • Customisable

    From Epoxy flakes to plain gloss, a range of colours and finishes are available to suit your unique space.

  • Protective

    Epoxy binds strongly to base materials such as concrete and tiles. Its strong surface also protects against the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria.

Epoxy flooring is suitable for almost any industrial or commercial application (and many domestic applications as well). Contact our friendly team today for more information on our Epoxy flooring and coating services or to request a FREE quote.

See what our clients are saying

Tya Cao
Tya Cao
Jay worked on my garage floor and did a fantastic job! His pricing is reasonable and his communication skills are top notch. He happily helped with my questions even after the work is done. This kind of customer service is much appreciated and often hard to find. He takes a lot of pride in his work and makes sure he does a good job. Thanks so much Jay!
Fantastic job .. well worth every dollar spent… thanks for a top notch job , Jay.
Matt 085
Matt 085
Jay did an amazing job on My garage floor. He was on time friendly and very helpful. Would definitely recommend jay to friends and family if they ever needed his services.
Steve X
Steve X
Fantastic job done, cant wait to set up my garage.
Jack Low
Jack Low
Phenomenal experience engaging Jay from London Linings to work on my garage floor. I spoke with several other businesses prior to finding Jay. From our first phone call, I knew I wanted to go ahead with Jay, even though he wasn't the cheapest. Jay was kind and respectful over the phone and very responsive over text messaging. He gave me pointers on finding the right look I wanted by telling me about the showroom. He also went above and beyond to provide recommendations based on the colour of our house. He was professional and on time and I genuinely couldn't have asked for more. I highly recommend his services and if I had another garage, I'd bring Jay in again!
Phill Nikoloski
Phill Nikoloski
Jay has done my previous garage and now my current garage in half flake. The workmanship is 10/10. Friendly service. On time every time. Well priced. I couldn't be happier.
Jessica Lucas
Jessica Lucas
I had been following & admiring Jay’s work on Instagram for a while and finally decided to get my garage floor done. From the very first time I contacted Jay, I knew I had chosen the right man for the job. Jay’s workmanship was second to none and my garage floor now looks amazing. Jay was always prompt to reply when contacted, friendly, punctual and did everything to make sure the flooring looked perfect. I can very confidently recommend Jay to anyone looking to have any sort of epoxy flooring work completed. You will not be disappointed.
Christopher Kralevski
Christopher Kralevski
Absolutely one of the best companies to work with when it comes to garage flooring solutions. Jay was a sensation to work with and takes great pride with his work. Overall it was priced very reasonable, and the outcome has surpassed what I initially expected. In all honesty probably one of the best upgrades and facelift to a garage that I’ve ever come across and have ever got done. Basically a night and day difference when it comes to the finished product. The garage looks so so much better and cleaner😁 I am so happy and satisfied with the work Jay has done and I will be looking forward to getting more work done by jay in the near future for my backyard🤩 Highly recommend company to use, when it comes to a good Epoxy floor solution Thanks Jay for the absolutely wonderful work you’ve done🤩😁👌
Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang
Jay has truly outdone himself with the transformation of my garage floor. The level of craftsmanship is truly exceptional, and his meticulous attention to even the smallest details is truely commendable. Needless to say, I am absolutely delighted with the final result.
Beryl Watling
Beryl Watling
Jay stepped in on very short notice to do our garage floor. We are thrilled with the result. Jay is passionate about his work, punctual and tidy. We enjoyed a chat about our common interest in epoxy resin. We can highly recommend Jay.

Why choose London Linings?

  • Tailor-made solutions

    London Linings creates tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of your commercial, industrial, or residential space, including colours, finished, and more.

  • High level of service

    Our company's focus is to provide high-level services that will exceed your expectations in every field.

  • Finest quality materials

    There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing how proud a client is of their new floor. This is only achieved by combining our expertise and skill with the finest quality materials available on the market.

  • Flexible service

    We have vast experience working on a variety of projects, including in a wide array of commercial settings. We understand that your business can’t stop because of us, so we work closely with you to create a tailored schedule that disrupts your operations as little as possible.

  • Highly experienced team

    Our qualified staff, experienced estimators and management team are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, from our very first conversation, all the way through to your project's completion.

Why we advise against DIY Epoxy flooring kits

Whist there are DIY Epoxy kits available from hardware stores and paint shops, we strongly advise using them as they have several significant drawbacks:

  1. 1. The products are not of the same quality as the industrial-grade Epoxy that professional epoxy installers use.
  2. 2.The product they sell doesn’t take into account the porosity of the concrete. As concrete differs, this means that you could require 2-3 kits (or more) to complete a simple double garage floor.
  3. 3. These products only tell you the minimum requirement of preparation required of the floor before applying the Epoxy within any instruction on filling holes and cracks.
  4. 4. Many of these products also promote the use of “acid etching” to prepare the surface, whereas the proper method used by professional Epoxy installers is to “diamond grind” the floor, allowing the Epoxy to penetrate into your concrete floor. Professional installers also use specially formulated Epoxy crack fillers to fill large holes and cracks.
  5. 5. DIY Epoxy kits are not UV stable which means that they will discolour even as soon as a month after installation.
  6. 6. The floor may peel within 6-12 months due to the lack of preparation as the acid etching these kits recommend is not sufficient.
  7. 7. These products provide only a small quality of flakes which means your floor can come out looking very uneven.
  8. 8. Kits do not include a topcoat sealer which means that the flakes are exposed. This results in dirt getting trapped between flakes while the sharp flakes can result in injury to anyone walking barefoot on the floor.
  9. 9. Epoxy installation, like any other trade, requires experience. If you apply it incorrectly it cannot be rectified, as once the Epoxy sets it cannot be fixed!

Epoxy Flooring FAQ

The cost of Epoxy floors in Melbourne depends on the system and unique requirements, however at London Linings our prices start at $70 per square metre.

If possible, we recommend measuring your area so that we can provide you with a more accurate quote when you enquire.

Our residential flooring Epoxy flake system comes with a 5-year warranty against delamination.

Commercial flooring and Grind and Seal concrete floors should last 2+ years, however, this is of course dependent on the nature of use.

Epoxy flooring is not slippery when dry. However, depending on your intended use, we may recommend installing our Epoxy flake system. The flakes improve grip and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

If installing in food areas, we also recommend our anti-slip floors, which is an optional additive added to our Epoxy flooring system.

Epoxy floors are some of the hardest and most durable industrial floors on the market. Having said that, they can still scratch, cut, or gouge, if enough force is applied.

However, systems including our Epoxy flake floors have an added UV polyurethane topcoat which protects the Epoxy and flake coatings.

Request A FREE Quote

Get in touch with our Epoxy floor coating installers in Melbourne today to learn more about our services or to request a FREE quote. For more accurate pricing, let us know the size of your floor when you enquire.

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London Linings are Melbourne based qualified applicators that specialise in installing Decorative Epoxy Flaked floors within both the Residential and Commercials Markets.



Based in Melbourne, London Linings offers residential and commercial Epoxy flooring solutions anywhere across Victoria.

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