Garage floor tiles or an Epoxy Garage floor?

Whilst Garage floor tiles are an extremely practical solution for renters and those wanting a quick solution, they can also have their drawbacks

So why should you then look at installing a permanent Epoxy floor compared to Garage floor Tiles?

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  • Hygiene

    Benefits of an Hygienic Epoxy garage floor:

    • An epoxy floor can be cleaned with any PH neutral cleaner. It can be mopped, steamed, pressure washed and is resistant to both high pressure and high temperatures


    Drawbacks of a tiled garage floor:

    • The small holes within the tiles means dirt and debris and car oils can get through and that means the only way of cleaning is to remove the tiles clean the tiles then also clean the floor, which can is not only time consuming but completely impractical for many!
  • Safety

    Benefits of a safe anti-lip Epoxy garage floor:

    • With a custom installed epoxy floor there are a few options that be tailored to your needs. An epoxy flake solution is great as it means that the flakes not only look decorative but also have the texture and create an anti slip surface suitable general use. If you have a ramp or uneven surface on your garage then atislip can also be added on either a plane epoxy coating or an epoxy flake floor for extra grip and resistance.


    Drawbacks of a tiled garage floor:

    • If floors are uneven having a tiles system could potentially be a trip hazard and you may also find it difficult to roll items across the floor that can cause the tiles to tear and rip.
  • Appearance

    Custom colors and seamless..

    • An epoxy floor can be customised to your needs as it not pre - fabricated like tiles therefore, the epoxy , flake and anti slip can all be customised to your exact needs.

    • There are hundreds if not 1000’s of options you can choose from. As well as this the floor is seamless with no joins as the epoxy is rolled out in liquid form which then solidifies to create a solid floor coating.


     Garage Tile floor limitations..

    • Most manufacturers have limited options therefore not as many colour options as an epoxy floor install

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